Small Union of Pals FAQ

1. What is expected of me if I decide to fill out an application to join SUP?

You are expected to read and comprehend this FAQ prior to applying.

Your username for our web site should be your character's name or some form of it (easier to track).

A vast majority of our raiders are mature individuals well past their teens so we ask 18+applicants only to apply for raiding (no age limitations for Friends and Family).

Do not apply if you are tagged to another guild. This is disrespectful to them and to us.

Do not lie on your app.

If your application has comments/question you are expected to contact an officer in game to discuss.

Don't cause drama, don't be obnoxious, be able to take criticism and follow instructions.

2. What are SUP’s raid times and attendance requirements?

SUP's main raids are Tuesday, Thursday Sunday 7:00 – 10:00 PM server time.

If you are applying as a raiding member you are expected to be available for the main raids. We understand that everyone has real life priorities sometimes but if you become excesivelly absent you will be considered for a demotion from the raider rank.

We will attempt to organize 10 man raids for non-raiders and people that have to sit out.

3. How do I become eligible for a raid invite?

You must sign up by raid deadline (usually 1.5 hours before raid time).

All raids are posted in the in-game calendar.

4. What are the guild’s expectations for raiding?


The guild provides flasks and repairs (for Raiders only).  You have to be able to provide for those otherwise.

At the raid invite time (15 minutes prior) you are responsible for being prepared to raid: ungrouped, unflagged from PvP, repaired, stocked with reagents, potions and flasks (3 hours = 3 flasks).

Committing to 3 hours of raiding is a sign of your dedication and respect for your fellow raiders and guild mates. If you are unable to do this please do not sign up or let the officers know about your situation and we will attempt to work around it.

5. How does SUP handle raid loot?

We use rolls for the 10 man raids and heroics.


A standard EP/GP (Effort Points/Gear Points) priority based system is in place for main raids. There is a 5000 EP floor. Basically, you can't have priority on loot until you reach 5000 EP, unless all raiders wanting that piece of loot have less than 5000 EP as well. EP is gained by attending raids and killing bosses. It will generally take 2-3 raids to reach 5000 EP. We chose EP/GP because it is mathematical and has no bias. It is the fairest loot system that bypasses veteran vs recruit, dkp hoarding, tier changes, and many other issues most DKP systems have. Bottom line is that we don't want to use random rolls on loot nor do we want any bias involved by having a loot council.

EP (+DKP):

Attendance: 1000 EP (Adjusted for late arrivals, leaving early, AFKs, behavior, or not signing up)

Boss Kills: 500 EP (depending on boss, progression etc.)

Bonus EP: new boss kills, wipe fests etc.

Progression: 1000 x how many hours of new boss attempts.

GP (-DKP):

All loot has its price (GP). Price is calculated on a standard EP/GP basis including factors like item level, slot and rarity. A calculator is available on our site in the Rapid Raid area – right-hand column.


PR (priority) determines who receives a piece of loot. It is calculated by dividing your EP with your GP. When multiple people want a piece of loot we refer to their PR to see who gets it. One purple per raid unless everyone else wanting the loot already got a piece of loot as well.


Off spec gear is assigned by PR but it doesn't carry any charge

More detail is available in the Member Discussion section of our forums.

You are able to see all EP/GP statistics via the website so you don't have to rely on the GM/Officer (click on the Rapid Raid link -> View Members).

It is important to note that hoarding DKP, and veteran vs. newbie problems with standard DKP system in not existent in the EP/GP system. Take the loot that is an upgrade, it benefits you and it benefits the RAID.

Detailed explanation in Members Section.

6. What are required add-ons for raids and instance runs?

Raid sign ups done through the in game calendar events - you are required to sign up.

Mumble Client – with working microphone and speakers
Skada (or Omen)
ORA3 + SimpleTankFrames

7. Who is the guild leader and the officers?

Guild Leader: Telkien

Officers: Saskcik (Icebit), Vyttorio (Galactus), Feydakin, Sorent

8. What are the guild ranks?

Class Leader
Outspoken individuals that have exceptional knowledge of specific classes.

Raider - 1st priority raid invite
Individuals who have proven to be reliable and fulfill all the above requirements of the rank in addition to performance in raids.
To become a Raider you also must show dedication and loyalty to our guild. Your character has to always show progression for raids, including gear, enchants, sharpening your playing skills, etc.

JV Raider - 2nd priority raid invites
JV Raiders are a pool of individuals that are not quite yet there for the progression content. The shortcomings can include performance, attendance, or hardware challenges. JV Raiders will be invited on a need basis to fill out vacant spots in the 25 man raids. The decision on the invites is going to be based on ability and class and role needs.

A recent addition to the guild and on a trial for a minimum of two weeks and maximum of four. Officers will decide on the rank assigned after the trial period. Raid invites will be extended under officer's or raid leaders discretion

Friend and Family
Members who are leveling, don't have time or desire to raid.

9. If my application is approved, what other responsibilities will I share with SUP members?

You will agree to keep Mumble and guild chat free of profanities and offensive topics during RAID times.

Minority or sexual orientation jokes and sexism will not be tolerated.

You will agree not to raid with other guilds or PUG progression raid content.

If for some reason you feel you must, you agree to talk to an officer first.

10. What is expected of me on the SUP forums?

You are expected to visit the website. Our website contains news, issues, and strategies.

11. Alt policies

You are expected to bring your main to the raid!

We will not gear multiple characters because people decide to switch their mains on a whim. You are also expected to declare a main spec for at least 6 months unless needed otherwise.

Loot will be used to gear your main first. If we were to gear someone’s 2-3 alts, SUP would lose that gear in furthering our 25-man progression.

If the raid requires a certain group make-up and we find ourselves short a certain class/spec we will allow alts to fill the needed spots.